Sunday, 8 June 2014

Strawberry Fields Forever

Finally summer knocked on German doors this weekend, and we inaugurated the best time of the year with a grill party (to celebrate a good friend´s birthday).

The thermometer showed 32 degrees Celsius, a heat the central European country is not used to.
 Almost each guest, on top of a present, brought a summer dish along. Mine was a fresh salad I like making when the temperature is burning…It was pretty much a success! And that´s why I would like to share the recipe with you .

Strawberry-Goat Cheese Salad

My salad, ready to be served :)

For this salad I mostly used fresh ingredients bought directly from farmers. Not only it is fun to go to a strawberry field and pick your own strawberries for instance, but it also helps local businesses to stay in the market. Often we go for cheaper, mass produced products in order to save a couple of cents, but this way we endanger local production and we eventually digest a great amount of chemicals.
Here is the beautiful strawberry field I drove to in order to pick up the best strawberries I saw this season.

"Pick them Yourself" Strawberry Fields close to the Main River in Germany


§    Olive Oil (1/4 cup)
§    Walnut Oil (1/4 cup)
§    Honey (2 big Tablespoons)
§    Pepper (to taste)
§    Salt (to taste)
§    Dill (1 Tablespoon)
§    Balsamic Vinegar Cream (2 Tablespoons)
Pls note that these amounts can be varied according to taste, some might want more oil, others more honey etc..

§  (1/4 cup) Green lettuce and/or fresh baby spinach leaves (I prefer those to be honest, but I didn´t find any)
§    Creamy Goat Cheese (80g) - alternatively you can use Camembert if you don`t like Goat Cheese.
§    Honey (2 big Tablespoons)
§    Walnuts (1 cup) - if you use Camembert take almonds instead
§    Strawberries (500g)

That´s easy :) You just have to mix all the dressing ingredients, except for the balsamic vinegar cream, in one cup and keep this aside ;)
Spread the dressing on top of the salad right before serving

§  Wash Lettuce/Baby Spinach and place on a big, flat serving plate
§    Cut Goat Cheese in  little cubes (note; this might be tricky as the cheese is very creamy, don’t worry
    if your cubes are not perfect, they don’t have to be :) ) and place those on top of the strawberries
§    Chop Walnuts and spread around the salad
§    Walnuts (1 cup) - if you use Camembert take almonds instead
§  Top with the Balsamic Vinegar Cream

So that was it, easy right? And it only takes about 10 minutes!

Note: I am aware that some of you might be living in countries where strawberries for instance are not locally produced, but that´s not a problem. In this case I would advice buying them from an organic store. But if it´s strictly necessary well, you can go to the closest Walmart ;)

Guten Appetit, have fun and enjoy your evening! 

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