Sunday, 21 September 2014

A good cup of tea always does it!

I am not sure what the weather looks like today there where you live, but let me tell you, here in the Hessen - Germany it looks quite sad.
It is grey, rainy and chilly, with a highest of 16.Celsius! All I feel like doing is cuddle up in a nice cover, read a book and drink tea.

Ayurveda Tea

I could drink tea at any time of the day, every day, actually, regardless of the weather outside.
Some may literally prefer the afternoon tea version, accompanied by a tasty cake..well why not. Some might not know that this tradition was brought to life by Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, in 18th century England. She found supper time a little too late and believed something had to be done in between lunch and dinner. So why not tea accompanied by cake and sandwiches? If you think about she pretty much added tea to an afternoon snack – what a “big deal”. I do drink tea in the afternoon too, but I rather have something healthier than cake to it. Unless it is weekend, of course .. ehm ehm ehm,

I am quite picky on the tea I drink. I almost never drink fruit flavoured tea (with the exception of orange and peach), I hardly drink peppermint tea (I was even told it is quite unhealthy to drink too much of it!) and pretty much hate lemon tea!

Depending on my mood I prefer drinking either Darjeeling tea (if black then with a dip of milk – though I prefer the uncommon white sort) or green tea.

In my opinion green tea is the healthiest of them all..don´t take my word as science but ever since I drink green tea on a regular basis:

1 – My metabolism has improved;
2 – My concentration has also improved.

These are not scientifically proven facts; they are just based on my own personal experience, but you might want to try it out yourself.

Try starting your day with a 500ml cup of Jasmine green tea and take it from there. Also try to reduce the amount of coffee you drink, and again, replace this with a cup of tea or a big glass of water.
I know decreasing the amount of coffee you drink might be a challenge ( I am an addict myself), but give it a try, I am down to one cup and one espresso a day now- without milk (as compared to the 5 cappuccinos and 3 espressos I used to drink in the past). Green tea, along with a balanced diet, has really helped me improve on several levels. I feel closer to myself, more relaxed, I sleep better (probably due to the improvement of metabolism), and I have a better peace of mind.
Of course I allow myself sometime to relax, turn on some candles, have some good music in the background and eat lots of fresh fruits.
And…today is one of those gloomy days anyway, so why not take some time off for oneself? Lay back and relax before another long working week starts tomorrow <3 Have a great Sunday!

Tea Tip: 

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Tea House Tip: 
If you have the chance, try the "Au Fond du Jardin" Tea House in Strasbourg, France.
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Au fond du jardin - France



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