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Fashion Week for Dummies

In the past couple of weeks the media attention has been largely drawn to the so called Fashion Week(s).

Many know that what basically during fashion is a catwalk even organized to present the upcoming collection of some of the biggest names in the fashion industries.

While probably most of us cannot afford any of the garments presented on the runways, it is still key to keep an eye on the trend setters, the colours, the shapes and the materials shown. 
Most of the largest apparel retailers (such as the Spanish Zara and main competitor Mango) will reproduce some of the nicest items at a tiny percentage of the price (street-wear brands mostly end up imitating the big names of the industry and make fashion more affordable to us normal people down to earth.. ehm ehm).

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Here are the five basic facts all fashion girls should know about fashion week:

1. THE biggest fashion week even is held in the “Big Four” Fashion Capitals, in the following order:
  • New York
  • London
  • Milan
  • Paris 
2. THE Fashion Week is held twice a year (Women) 

Once in February through March to show the upcoming Fall/Winter Collection
And once in September through October to show the upcoming Spring/Summer Collection (for instance the fashion weeks taking place right at this very moment are presenting the S/S15 collections)This time spam gives major retailers time to get organized, select the items they would like to sell and get their shops all sorted out!
Throughout the year however, there are many other fashion weeks and events taking place in different cities. Even though the media does not direct as much attention to those cities and events as to the “Big Four”, they are still worthy of being checked out.
One of my personal favorites is Berlin Fashion Week, it takes place every year in January and in July. Worth taking a look at!

3. There is a big difference between Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture

Prêt-à-Porter is .. nothing more than “Ready to wear”. This is pretty much the version of the collections we normal human beings will/could buy in the stores. It is not custom tailored fashion.
Haut Couture refers to exclusive custom fitted garments, the biggest fashion brands sometime tailor pieces “just for the show and for publicity”, and do not sell them directly on the market.
Such high end designs are likely to have some of the best fabrics available and are rarely seen around. 

4. The first “Fashion Week” took Place in New York 

…back in 1943! This had basic logics behind it. 1943 was still war time in Europe. Prior to that, Paris was “the fashion city” (and, to me, it still remains it today!), but the war made it hard to fly designers from around the world into the city. This is when an American fashion publicist decided to make American fashion more popular to the press, by organizing the very first  “Press Week”, or, today, the “NY Fashion Week”. 

5. A show does not last as long as you think 

The catwalk show usually lasts between 8 and 15 minutes
Who would have thought, right? Well it`s true.

An extra note. Right now Paris fashion week (24.09 – 01.10) is taking place, I am very excited about the shows still to come, such as Chloé (tomorrow at 10AM EST) and Elie Saab (29.09 at 10 AM EST).

If, like me, you also would like to watch some of the shows live, tune in to:

Have fun!


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