Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Five good enough reasons to love Fall!

Today is officially the first day of Fall!

Such a lovely season, don’t be sad Summer is over, Fall will rock our lives just as much. And in case you do miss summer, you could plan a short trip to somewhere warmer :) 

Here are the top reasons to just love this season!

1 – The Nature

Just look around you, this marvelous mixture of yellow, brown, and red blending with a blue horizon is just what I need to give myself all the right reasons to be in a good mood. Nature offers us paintings even Michelangelo would be jealous of. The weather is chilly but not cold just yet, not too hot, yet not too windy. Not to rainy and not too dry. Love it!

Nature plays beautiful games

2 – The Vineyards

Fall, to me, is Wine time! Grapes are ripe enough; it is time to make a good bottle of wine out of them! The process does take some time, but I just love walking through vineyards and observe .. smell .. and yes, steal some grapes eventually only to eat them as I walk on J

3 – The Fashion

Don’t you just love Fall fashion? Well..I do.. I love layering, ankle boots and trench coats. You can (almost) wear everything in Fall. AND the last (as well as the best…. Ok fine that’s just an opinion..) week of fashion week takes place..IN PARIS! You´ve got to love that!

4 – Redecorating

Fine, the whole decoration thing is my favourite part at each change in season, but I mean with Halloween coming up and all adding some orange to your home is almost a must, don’t you think?
I just started adding some seasonal touches to my house, but I am still very far away from being done, Any tips to share?   <3 

Starting to decorate - work in progress <3 

5 – Pumpkins

YES .. Fall is pumpkin season! Who doesn’t love a warm pumpkin cream soup? Well, if you don’t than you haven’t tried the right one just yet! Next time I make one I will document the steps and put up a recipe ;)

Aren’t these enough reasons? I am sure there are a million more to just love Fall, maybe yours are different, would you add anything to this list?


Petra x


  1. The one thing that I would add is all the jumpers that you can wear! I live in them all throughout Autumn and winter, and you can never have too many of them! :) x

    1. Yes Jessica that`s very true! I love the oversize Jumpers out right now, especially the ones at Zara. Affordable and fashionable!