Monday, 22 September 2014

Four easy tips to make Monday a much better day!

I can`t describe how happy I am my working Monday is over.

I am pretty sure lots of us feel the same way about the first day of the week; somehow work eases up once Monday is over. I can`t explain is probably psychological.
Nevertheless we should not forget to get through it with a touch of positive attitude and a smile!
Here are my top 4 tips on how to get the best of Monday – these work quite well for me.

1 – Make yourself one great Sunday evening!

Don’t go to sleep too late, relax before going to bed. I usually have a nice light early dinner, take a long warm shower and pamper my body with all sorts of oils and lotions, and then I read (usually in bed, under a warm cover) a good book.
This really helps me sleep better and feel rejuvenated in the morning J

2 – Prepare your Monday outfit on Sunday

I usually take the time on Sunday evening to prepare my clothes for the next day, this avoids bad mood and stress on Monday morning, including the “what should I wear, I have nothing to wear” paranoia (you might feel this on Sunday while selecting your clothes, but at least you saved yourself from the Monday morning breakdownJ J )

3 – Don’t wake up at the very last second

Make sure you wake up to allow yourself sometime for your morning coffee at home, accompanied by a good magazine/newspaper read. Don’t read a book early in the morning, if you get carried away you might forget about the time! Get ready and allow yourself enough time to check the traffic situation on the net before you leave the house – this allows you to eventually select an alternative route, make it on time to work and prepare yourself psychologically for the long day (ok fine, this mostly applies to those driving to work, but who knows, if you commute with public transportation you might want to check that the tube runs regularly before you go down, and therefore save yourself from surprises).  

4 – Don’t forget to have breakfast!

I never skip on breakfast, never ever. Especially not on Mondays! You will probably need the energy a morning meal has to offer you!
Anyhow, Monday is almost over, the worst of the week is behind us, I am so happy to throw myself on the couch now!

Time to get comfy! 

So enough said .. I am eager to get some of your tips for a better Monday in the office! 

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